Sorrento Events

  • Positano Sorrento Marathon 2019
    54 km for an international race open to professionals runners but also to amateurs who want to test themselves and overcome their limits. The Positano Sorrento is probably one of the most beautiful Marathon thanks to the breathtaking scenery that only the Amalfi Coast can offer. There are two routes: 54 km Ultramarathon and panoramic […] […]

Amalfi Coast Cooking Vacation

This is is a new way to taste your holiday in an exclusive Villa!
Imagine the most memorable vacation experience of a lifetime as you vacation in a private Villa for a week of cooking, touring, wine & cheese tasting in one of the most breathtaking settings in the world, the Amalfi Coast.

Imagine a different kind of vacation. One where you don’t just see the sites, but you live the life that surrounds them. You don’t just watch the people go about their business from a window, but you interact with them and go about their day with them. You become a part of the local culture. Experience it all! The food, the wine, the daily life……

With the support of an exclusive network of the most famous Food & Wine experts, artisan producers and  Michelin starred chefs from Region Campania, we arrange Experiences exclusively customized to your needs and wishes, and closely tied to local Italian craft traditions.

Each of our wine-gastronomic Gourmet Experiences is a refined, all-inclusive package that will give you a chance to enjoy artisanal premium-quality products, the best chefs from the area, with an understanding of its history and local culture … all at   your Villa or nearby.
Exclusively  for you!

Our desire is to make our Guests not just tourists, but citizens of one of the warmest and most hospitable communities in the world, the Amalfi Coast. Share with us the Emotion of Taste!

Our Exclusive Gourmet Experiences:

  • Pizza Party: an unforgettable gathering with the symbolic dish of the Neapolitan culture.
  • The ancient Neapolitan art of flash-frying: a lifetime of Tradition.
  • Learning … with Taste: enjoy the Italian cooking style.
  • A deep dive into emotions and flavours: escape to a multisensory Taste tour.
  • Family-style Italian meal: a professional local chef will satisfy all your desires of gluttony.
  • Chef’s Table: let the stove-top stage show begin!
  • The artisanal Gourmet shop: a Taste of local Excellence.
  • Her Majesty the Pasta: take a trip inland to Gragnano, the vesuvian village with an outstanding reputation for pasta.
  • Finding the best and avoiding the average: discover a jewelry box of local excellence (Mozzarella Experience; Olive Oil Experience; Wine Tour; Limoncello Experience).
  • A Meal under the Michelin Stars: a luxury gourmet experience directly to your table.
  • Sweet moments: A pastry chef will join you in the comfort of your villa for a sweet experience.
  • Open wood-fire cooking: Live the Barbecue philosophy.
  • The Neapolitan street-food: A natural expression of Neapolitan culture that cannot be found anywhere else.

And many others… !

Choose our personally tailor made weekly food & wine packages: don’t hesitate to contact us to receive more information on how to customize your WOW Amalfi Coast Cooking Vacation.

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